Palestinian Bible Society (PBS)

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What We Do:

  • Meeting the needs of churches and Christian groups for Bibles and Biblical literature.
  • Making the Bible available to all people and helping them to understand it.
  • Making the Bible available through all possible avenues within society.
  • Showing our historical and cultural heritage from the Bible through the use of different media and art channels, and Bible Advocacy programs.
  • Promoting the importance and relevance of the Bible for the respect of human life in a conflict-stricken country.
  • Holistically serving the needs of local communities through our partnerships with local and international Christian humanitarian organizations, covering physical, emotional, spiritual and social ministry areas.
  • Hosting community development projects in different areas of the West Bank.
  • Working within all sectors of society, including: young people, university students, children, marginalized and unprivileged communities, local libraries, book fairs, lectures and summer camps.

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